Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something about me.

My name is Mrs. Twit,. I am married to a man named Mr. Twit. There we are, right there, to the left. I'm on the right and he's on the left. We live together in a little house. I really detest this awful man. See that glue? It's what he uses to make the branches of our tree sticky so we can catch birds to cook in bird pies. See that cane in my hand? It's what I use to beat away small pesky children and annoying animals that enter my garden. You can sort of see my garden in that picture there. It's beautiful. I pride myself on my ability to raise glorious stinging nettles and pokey thistles that keep most of the little nuisances that I despise out out out
Twit and I used to work for the circus. We trained the moneys. When we left the circus we took the monkeys with us. Now they live in a cage in the backyard and we train them to do things like stand on their heads, and do crazy acrobatic tricks. This is the only real hobby I have, besides playing rib-tickling pranks on Mr. Twit.

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